20 quick fire facts to put you in the fast lane when it comes to your Grand Prix knowledge


1. The first Grand Prix post covid attracted a record breaking 365,000 fans

2. As of 2021 Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher are tied in the first spot of drivers with the most wins

orange race car

3. The fastest lap in history belongs to Michael Schumacher, out of 77 races.

4. Sadly, 18 drivers have died since the first decade of the F1.  Since 1960 more rigorous regulations were put in place which drastically reduced the number of deaths.

5. As of 2021 Ferrari is the team with the most world championship wins, totaling 16, most Grand Prix wins amounting to 238, most pole positions with 230 and most race entries with 1030


6. F1 cars can get from 0 to 300 km/h in 10.6 seconds

7. To add to that, F1 cars can reach top speeds of 260km/h

8. Each F1 car is made of 80 THOUSAND components

9. It costs a staggering 14.58 million pounds to build just one Formula 1 car

10. The longest F1 racing track is The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium

11. The fastest pit stop record currently belongs to Red Bull, taking a mere 1.82 seconds with Max Verstappen in the Brazilian Grand Prix

car race wheel

12. An F1 engine is usually used for only 5-7 races

13. An F1 driver loses on average 4lbs per race

14. There can be up to 600 members making up any 1 F1 team

15. An F1 car has 25 buttons on the steering wheel…who knew!

16. you can’t turn a F1 car engine on when it’s cold.  Luckily that’s unlikely to be a problem at the Yas marina Circuit

race car

17. The weight of a F1 car must not exceed 728KGs – without fuel

18. An F1 car tire loses 0.5kgs in each race

19. There has only ever been 1 female F1 driver that has managed to score a point.

20. A formula 1 car can drive upside down!